Campus Pro Bono in Porto

On 24th April our partners from Porto University organised their first pro bono programme pilot with their students. The type of Campus Pro Bono programme was the Pro Bono Marathon: one day event of 8 hours where students, together with corporate volunteers and professors, worked on a NGO challenge. For this day, the NGO selected…

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Launch of our Research on students motivations to do pro bono

With the aim of implementing successful pro bono programmes in European HE Institutions, in the framework of the BEESE Pro Bono Project, we are currently conducting a deep research on students motivations to do pro bono work. Coordinated by the Autonoma University of Madrid (UAM, faculty of psychology, department of social psychology) and executed by the…

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Visit to Globono Budapest

This week our partners from Hungary Önkéntes Központ Alapítvány (ÖKA) participated at the request of Globono Budapest in a round table conversation, where they could speak with university students about the benefit and importance of pro bono volunteering and the work of our BEESE Project. Thank you for the invitation, the meaningful conversation and the students’ interest in the subject! We’ll…

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