Short-term Pro Bono Program in Spain

Between the end of April and beginning of May our partner Work for Social carried out the third pilot of the Campus Pro Bono Program. This pilot, named ‘Sprint Pro Bono’ was carried out on-line due to the COVID-19 crisis. The beneficiary of the ‘Sprint Pro Bono’ was Viajes Tumaini, an association that connects volunteers with development projects in Asia, Africa and Latin America. During three sessions both students and mentors designed an emergency campaign aimed to raise funds for projects in Bolivia, Kenya and Peru.

Tumaini and the nonprofits with which they work on the field are being seriously affected by the COVID19 crisis because all solidarity and volunteers’ trips planned for this year have been cancelled and it is highly probable that there are not going to be any more trips this year. Children and animals protected by the projects with which Tumanini collaborates in Bolivia, Kenya and Peru are at risk. They need food and they lack access to basic services such as electricity and health caring.

Participation of volunteers from different cities

Thanks to this new on-line format of the program the volunteers have been from different parts of Spain (Madrid, Valencia, Coruña, Bilbao, Barcelona) and even one from Buenos Aires, Argentina. Eleven volunteers have participated in total: four mentos experts in Marketing communication and event organization, seven students from the Universidad de Mondragón (Grado LEINN de Teamlabs), Universidad Pontificia Comillas ICAI-ICADE, Universidad Rey Juan Carlos, Esade, Universidad Complutense de Madrid y Escuela de Organización Industrial.

The team of the pro bono consultancy during one of the sessions