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Why it is important to do pro bono while studying?

Civic education – as it is taught today – informs but does not allow young people to experience citizenship in a concrete way. However, it is important that while young people acquire professional skills, they can put them into practice and become aware of the ability that their skills have to positively impact their surrounding…

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We received the second category in The Good Lobby Awards 2019

The Good Lobby hosted its annual The Good Lobby Awards in Brussels on December 13, 2019. The awards celebrated citizens from different walks of life and organizations that have been successfully advocating for social change. The awarded categories were: Citizen Lobbyist, Pro Bono Lawyer, NGO, Academic, Pro Bono Professional, Philanthropist, Political Representative, Media and Collaboration…

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Campus Pro Bono Mid-Term Pilot in Bulgaria

On November 29, TimeHeroes and UNWE organized the second Campus Pro Bono Programme – mid-term pro bono pilot in Sofia, Bulgaria. The pilot was focused on helping the National Polytechnic Museum in Sofia, covering three cases in different fields of their work. Within 8 hours, 13 students and 3 mentors worked together divided into three…

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