Global Pro Bono Network

We received the second category in The Good Lobby Awards 2019

The Good Lobby hosted its annual The Good Lobby Awards in Brussels on December 13, 2019. The awards celebrated citizens from different walks of life and organizations that have been successfully advocating for social change. The awarded categories were: Citizen Lobbyist, Pro Bono Lawyer, NGO, Academic, Pro Bono Professional, Philanthropist, Political Representative, Media and Collaboration…

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Global Pro Bono Summit 2019

During the first week of May our pro bono intermediaries partners attended the Global Pro Bono Summit in New York City. This event is the gathering of all the worldwide members of the Global Pro Bono Network, the association where Pro Bono Lab, ÖKA, Time Heroes and Work for Social met. The aim of this…

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Why civil associations should find more Pro Bono support?

It is a reality that most civil society organizations require a lot of support to be able to face great social challenges, one of their principal needs its adequate the human talent to achieve their personal goals. Mexico City, January – At the beginning of this year announced its Pro Bono program with which…

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