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Interview to Stela Angova, from UNWE

Continuing with the interviews to professors and administrative staff from National University and World Economy from Bulgaria, this week we will share the interview with Stela Angova, associate professor of Media and Public Communications department. She teaches Online Media, Advertisement Communication and Public Relations on the internet. Denitsa Gorchalova: How do you perceive the idea…

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Campus Pro Bono at UNWE, Bulgaria

This post is part of our series highlighting how professors and university staff think about pro bono. Denitsa Gorchilova, professor of University of National and World Economy (our partner from Bulgaria), interviewed some professors and university staff about their thoughts about pro bono in the university framework.  In this post you can read the interview…

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Guide Book for pro bono at universities

As a part of the BEESE Project, we are working on how to facilitate the implementation of Pro Bono Programmes with students in Universities, which is part of the third Intellectual Output of this project. The first part of this Output is the creation of a Guide Book to facilitate European Universities to implement pro…

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