Why it is important to do pro bono while studying?

Civic education – as it is taught today – informs but does not allow young people to experience citizenship in a concrete way. However, it is important that while young people acquire professional skills, they can put them into practice and become aware of the ability that their skills have to positively impact their surrounding environment. This can be enabled by pro bono service, which can also ensure that every young person engaged today will be a responsible professional tomorrow. 

A year ago, the Youth for Climate movement was created. Everyday, world news show us that young people are committed, especially to fighting climate change. The role of educational institutions is to introduce them to the right players and offer them concrete engagement opportunities. This can start by getting involved at the institutional level (cultural activities, environmental projects, maintenance of spaces, etc.) and then evolve towards non-profit organizations.

Margot, studying Human Resources in France, has a message for you!