Long-term campus pro bono pilot in Bulgaria

Campus Pro Bono team

Despite all complications following the pandemic and the nation-wide lockdown, on May 8th, 2020, TimeHeroes and UNWE gave a start of the last part of the Campus Pro Bono Project – long-term pro bono pilot in Sofia, Bulgaria.

The pilot was focused on creating a handbook covering the essentials of fundraising, to be used by a wide network of NGOs in the country. “During the pandemic almost every non-profit organization in the country was struggling for survival and we wanted to help somehow” said the organizers. Within 20 hours, spread over two and a half months, 4 students, 2 teachers and 1 mentor worked together to create the comprehensive document.

The pilot was held in several consecutive virtual meetings and each student was responsible for specific topics to be covered during each of the meetings. They had various assignments – to research what is the current situation in Bulgaria, what are the main sources of funding, as well as to present fresh ideas on sources of alternative revenue streams. The mentor who was invited, Iva Koleva, is a C-level manager, running the CSR core team at Telus International Bulgaria.

The created handbook will be available on the BEESE website.