Launch of our Research on students motivations to do pro bono

With the aim of implementing successful pro bono programmes in European HE Institutions, in the framework of the BEESE Pro Bono Project, we are currently conducting a deep research on students motivations to do pro bono work. Coordinated by the Autonoma University of Madrid (UAM, faculty of psychology, department of social psychology) and executed by the rest of the University partners of this project, the research has been launched this week in the 5 countries of the project (Spain, Portugal, France, Hungary and Bulgaria).

This research correspond to the first Intellectual Output (IO1) of the Project and it is called “In-depth understanding of students motivations to participate in Pro Bono Programmes in the University and recommendations in order to implement pro bono projects in Universities.”

The deliverables of this Output will be the following:
– Results of the research on students motivations to do pro bono work in Universities.
– Report of the evaluation of students motivations after participating in a Pro Bono Pilot Programme.
– Recommendations to Universities in order to implement successful Pro Bono Programmes with high student participation rate.

For the first activity of this Output, we are combining qualitative and quantitative methodologies to examine students’ motives that may increase willingness to perform pro bono action (participating in pro bono HE Programmes). With respect to the quantitative approach, we have designed an online questionnaire to conduct a descriptive-correlational study on a large sample. The qualitative approach will be conducted in the following weeks and months.

We are looking forward to seeing the results of our Research in order to design the correct pro bono programmes for students with a successful participation rate. We’ll keep you posted!