Sixth transnational meeting of the BEESE Pro Bono project

On April 16th and 17th, 2021, our 6th transnational meeting* was carried out online due to covid-19. It was hosted by the University of National and World Economy and Time Heroes, our partners in Bulgaria. They showed us a lot of things about their tradition and culture. 

This meeting allowed us to see the progress of each Intellectual Output (IO). We were happy to see that IO1 (research on students’ motivations to do pro bono) and IO2 (methodologies to implement pro bono in universities) are almost finished. 

Regarding IO3, we set deadlines for finishing the Guide Book and the online course. Denitsa Gorchilova is in charge of the edition of the Guide Book, and all the consortium members are the authors and contributors. Edward May, a native English speaker volunteer, will help us by proofreading the document. Professor Luis Mendoca and a group of students of the University of Porto will be in charge of the graphic design. 

We also have started talking about the dissemination events that will take place this year in five countries. These events should gather people interested in pro bono, youth volunteering, service-learning, and student volunteering. The first event will be in Porto in July under the coordination of the University of Porto.  

Finally, we have planned to meet physically in Porto before the summer holidays, and we expect to have a closing meeting in Sofia before the end of the project. 

*Transnational project meetings are official meetings. All project partners participate in these meetings to talk about management and financial issues. It includes project implementation, producing synergy for outcomes, and discussing and evaluating our work, among others.