Campus Pro Bono in France

In France, two short-terme pro bono programmes (Pro Bono Sprint) have been done the 27th April with the NGOs Plastic Odyssey and EIAPIC.

Plastic Odyssey, who is going around the world on a boat powered solely by plastic waste, needed a pro bono consultancy to recruit volunteers and create their path (animation and loyalty).

The other NGO, EIAPIC that accompanies children in their schooling as well as their parents to provide them with support, needed a pro bono consultancy to improve their communication.

During 5 hours, the volounteers (students and professionals) helped them to think about their needs. They discover these NGOs and were really enjoyed interacting with them and the associations were delighted to get out of their daily lives and step back.

Plastic Odyssey and EIAPIC left with concrete recommendations to implement. Thank you all !